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Ukraine. Odessa Hotels Reservation Service offer service for rent of the equipment and photocopy technique for conferences, seminars, training's such as projector, screen, flip-chart, simultaneous translation equipment, etc.

Information about conferences and Conference Halls in Odessa, and also order a conference you can here.

Price list concerning the rent of the conference equipment, in UAH without VAT.

Conference equipment Description Price for daily rent in UAH without VAT.

Projects, screens

Multimedial projector DLP, 2200 ANSI lumens, 2000:1, Data+Video, S-Video, SXGA 690
Multimedial projector LCD, 1200-1500 lumens, 400:1, Data+ Video, S-Video XGA  600
Graphprojector (over-head) (demonstration of the information from the transparent tapes) 170
Screen on the tripod 180 х 180 sm. 170

Office equipment

Computer (Notebook)   330
Computer different configuration from 220
Scanner Tablet, USB 80
Stream Print machine non-multicoloured 90
Laser Print machine non-multicoloured 115
Stream Print machine multicoloured 110
Photocopier   120
Fax   75
Cordless Phone   50


Flip-chart   75
Paper for the flip-chart   90
Markers   6
Notebooks for the conferences

All the office goods may contain the stamp

from 15
Pens for the conferences from 6
Badges   3
Indicative tables

Multicoloured print, lamination(?)

from 18
Calculator   15
Laser pointer   25

Video and audio equipment



dynamic conductive with stand of the type "crane"

Mixing console

Yamaha MG-10/2

Speakers active

2 х 25 Vatt

Speakers with amplifier

2 х 500 Vatt





DVD-Video, Audio/VCD/DivX/Xvid/MP3/WMA/JPEG. out- component, S-Video

Video Recorder


Video camera

Sony 8 mm, with tripod

Musical centre

Record-player for 5 compact disks (CD,MP3), double-cassette cassette-recorder, radio

CD - Tape-recorder

Tape-recorder for compact-disks, double-cassette tape-recorder, radio


For fotos and video-cameras

Stand for microphone

type "crane"


Additional services

Engineering accompaniment Delivery and installation of equipment, operation and maintenance of the conference 100


Video camera 3- CCD 150
Photoreport of the occasion Taking photographs is accomplished by means of the digital photocamera with the subsequent processing and recording to the CD-disk, the printing on the photopaper is also probable 30-60 photos per 1 - 10 uah
60-100 photos per 1 - 8 uah
Creation of the multimedial presentations::

format Power Point

under request

format Maсromedia Flash

under request
Terms of rent and payment:

* The executor provides the client with the equipment after concluding the contract and after the accomplishing of the payment for all the services.

* The client makes payment according to the invoice.

* The client accomplishes the delivery of the equipment.

* In case of the heavy equipment the executor sends one's own representative for the setting up and control of the equipment, the executor may also inform the client about the rules of its exploitation.

* The client provides all the necessary conditions for keeping and using the equipment, excluding the possibility of its damage or loss. Provided the loss or the rude damage of the equipment, the client must pay the compensation for the damage, at the rate of the original price of the equipment. If the damaged equipment can be repaired the client pays the executor the compensation for the repair of the equipment.

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